LifeLogique: BRING ON 2018! (Day 5)



Day 5...

The past 4 days have honed in on the people and situations that brought us joy as well as disappointment.  We've gained tremendous wisdom about ourselves and our desire for the future by just doing these simple exercises. 

Today we're going to focus a bit more on the aspect of happiness and the things and situations that brought us joy before we were influenced by others and obligations.

Take the next few minutes to go back in time...and trust me there is a method (and reason) to this madness! :) When you think back on your childhood, what things did you LOVE to do? Did riding your bike to your best friend's house on a summer day make you feel happy and free? Did you love to make forts and search for cool rocks? Did you play baseball everyday or search for fireflies?

Do you still do any of those things now?


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