LifeLogique: BRING ON 2018! (Day 7)

Day 7..

I am so proud of you for sticking with me for an entire week! Hopefully you have gained some clarity and wisdom into what brings you joy and the small things you can do to shower yourself in some self-love!

Today we are going to make some "sense" of things by tuning into our senses. You like the things you like for a reason. Your body sends you signals to alert you if it's something good or bad. Let's focus on the good stuff...that's always more fun! 

What are your favorite things to:
See, Smell, Hear, Taste, Touch

I'll share my favorites with you to give you a "sense" of what to do. ;-)
See: Ocean waves rolling in on the beach, the moon on a clear, starry night, my family laughing and enjoying one another, bands performing live
Smell: Coffee brewing in the morning, my favorite candle burning on my desk, my husband's cologne
Hear: The laughter of those closest to me, my favorite music especially when I am in need of a pick me up, water flowing over rocks in a stream, the reasons why I am loved, live music
Taste: Coffee, wine, chocolate, berries of all kinds
Touch: Sand between my toes, softness of my favorite furry blanket (faux, of course!), the arms of those I love embracing me in a warm hug, my bed after a long day

So using all your senses, what do you love? This love list is key to tomorrow's topic so keep it handy!


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