Monday Message:⁠ Wisdom begins in wonder.⁠

Monday Message:⁠
Wisdom begins in wonder.⁠

How often do you find yourself saying, "I wonder..."⁠

I am a curious person by nature so I often say and have discovered that whatever answer follows the inquiry typically offers you some sort of wisdom beyond the ordinary.⁠

Have you been to places that evoke a sense of wonder or curiosity for you?⁠

One of those places for me is Great Falls, Virginia. It's so beautiful with trails to walk along while taking in the rushing waters of the Potomac River. ⁠

Truly a sight to behold.⁠

When you experience something that creates a sense of wonder or excitement, this is an opportunity for wisdom to be had...wisdom that comes from innate sense that there's something to perceive beyond our senses.⁠

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