Moon Magic & Manifestation: FULL MOON



Were you able to dig into the moon manifestation process a couple weeks ago starting with the new moon? If you were, now’s the time to get your New Moon Insight/Intention sheets out!

(If you missed the New Moon post, you read it HERE.)

About two weeks after the new moon phase, the moon is positioned opposite the sun reflecting the sun’s light appearing to be full. With the brightness of the full moon lighting up the night sky, the path is literally lit before us allowing us to “see” what may need to be removed or burned away to create space for the new to come in.

This is a time of release.

The burning away of all that doesn’t serve our highest and best. All that is not making us feel good or bringing joy to our lives is assessed and let go of.

It’s also a time of celebration and appreciation for the manifestation of any of our new moon wishes fulfilled.

We are going to take a look at what your intentions and goals were and how those things have shown up or not shown up in your life in order to course correct during this full moon phase.


Let’s start by taking 3 deep yet gentle breaths before revisiting your New Moon goals and intentions.


  • What personal and professional life insights did you have during the New Moon?
  • What was your New Moon Intention?


Based on those New Moon insights and intentions:

  • Which of them has manifested and can be celebrated?
  • Which of them has NOT come into being?
  • Of the ones that have not come to pass, are there any you can let go of now?



  • What are you releasing this Full Moon?
  • Why are you letting it go?
  • How does it feel to let it go?


Release Ritual:

  • Write down all the things you are letting go of this full moon on a piece of paper.
  • Begin each statement with “I release ___________.”
  • Go outside under the light of the full moon; using a metal bow, burn the piece of paper releasing all that no longer feels good to you into the air allowing these intentions to be burned away physically and etherically.

*Fire is a powerful element. Please be super careful and responsible while performing this ritual. It might be wise to have a pitcher of water close by just in case.


Now that you have released what’s no longer for your highest good, is there anyone you need to forgive based on what you let go of?

Forgiveness is key to letting go for good.

  • Who do you need to forgive?



The final phase of the full moon process is course correction. You’ve taken a look at what’s manifested, what hasn’t, released the things that no longer feel good and forgiven those who need to be forgiven.

  • What can you do now to bring the remaining new moon intentions into being?

Use your insights above as your action guide for the next two weeks leading up to the next new moon.


As I mentioned in the New Moon post, you can dig even deeper into the moon phases with Ezzie Spencer’s book, Lunar Abundance which has been a fabulous resource for my moon work. And if you’d like to give some additional moon rituals a try based on the specific energies of each new and full moon, check out Autumn Seibel’s site, Golden Otter Divinations!

Learning and growing together is always better so please share any insights or thoughts with others in the comments below!

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  • Julie N

    This concept of the new moon, of shedding light on the unfolding of life experiences and their effect upon our future endeavors, is not against my personal spiritual belief system. Some of the statements , actually line up with Christian-Judaeo practices of Lent, Easter, and Passover. The changes in the moon and stars play an important role during the coming seasons of Lent, Easter, and Passover and have revealed more about communication between man and a Higher Deity than all of modern technology. The astral forces were very important to the Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, and the Mayan Civilizations. Technology has advanced our understanding of the world around us but the basics incorporated by the CREATOR will always be more reliable in shedding “light on the path” of every human being.

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