Moon + Mercury + Soul-Full Session: Part 2


This is going to be one powerful week in the cosmos. Mercury has been retrograde since March 5th which means that if you were to see the planet from Earth it would appear to be moving backwards when in reality it isn’t it just looks that way from our vantage point. This fast moving planet won’t go direct until March 28th so we’re going to be in this energetic cycle for a while longer.

What does this mean for you?

It means that now is a good time to slow down and go within. Take a look at your internal life. During this re-trograde period, I’d recommended the following…

re-flect, re-view, re-evaluate, and re-focus your actions and intentions.

It’s not a time to sign contracts or make big life decisions. Travel can be challenging and communication with others can be misinterpreted. Make sure you’ve backed up your digital files because wild and wacky electronic issues can arise.

To add to this powerfully positive energetic punch, the full moon occurs on March 20th. If you want a guide to help you make the most of the full moon’s energy, you can check out some insight questions, HERE.

With the sun in Aries, a sign of action, the moon in Libra, a sign of harmony and Mercury in retrograde, getting clear on what you want out of life is crucial in order to take action that brings harmony to you and those around you.

On another note, Soulful Sessions is back with Enchanted Botanicals: Part 2 where we talk about more magical plants, the alchemical benefits and ritual! Check it out…Soul-Full Sessions on SpotifyApple PodcastsStitcher, and AnchorFM

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