Navigating BIG Changes with the Moon & Other News


How’s 2020 going for ya?

Since we last “spoke”, A LOT has happened. It’s been a roller coaster on my end…emotionally, mentally and physically. Truthfully, it’s been one for a few years now.

Sooooooo…deep breath. Here’s the deal.

My marriage ended. I moved to another state and am living alone for the first time in my life. (And I’ve been around a while!) I am in the midst of transforming my business…so bear with me as I undertake this endeavor.

Actually, let’s be honest. I am transforming my entire life as I’ve known it.

Anyone else doing the same?

How does it feel for you?

For me it feels…liberating yet VERY uncomfortable; exciting yet terrifying.

Liberating because there is a new sense of freedom and possibility. Uncomfortable because so many aspects of life are very much unknown. Exciting because there are endless options of creation for myself and my business. Terrifying because there are no guarantees and the only person I have to rely on for the success or failure of this whole she-bang is….you guessed it…me!

When I get caught in the swirl of doubt and fear, I go straight to gratitude. I am one lucky gal who has the most amazing family and the most loving and generous friends. I also have my spiritual tools and practices to rely on and lunar guidance to help me navigate the cosmic happenings that directly affect you and me.

Today is the perfect time to look to the sky for support with the New Moon today! Fresh start time. My friend and lunar goddess, Autumn Seibel of Golden Otter Divinations has been a mainstay on this journey with her Lunar Manifestations membership which we talk about on my latest SoulFull Sessions podcast! 

Autumn shares how to manifest your best life with the help of the moon. We also talk about being unabashedly yourself, “surprise” friends, rituals, clarity around life visions and of course, crystals! Tune in and take a listen…there’s likely some moon magic in there to inspire you...available on most podcast platforms including SpotifyApple PodcastsStitcherAnchorFM.

And lastly, the We to Me Series will return in February so stay tuned to find out what happened after my first post, Begin Again. I had a short term release of the upcoming post but took it down out of respect for my family as it was too soon to share.

Don't forget, we all learn from one another so let me and your KarmicKindness family know what's been happenin' in your world and how you've been navigating changes that may have surfaced. 

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