What now?

Now what?

Do ever feel like no matter what you do something else always seems to pop up to derail your progress or momentum?

There is A LOT happening in the cosmos (I won’t bore you with the details but just know that the planets and stars are supporting this process.) that is forcing us or perhaps a gentler word would be nudging us to take a look at parts of us and our lives that are no longer relevant or beneficial. This can oftentimes feel a bit heavy at first like a heavy bag we’ve been carrying on our backs for too long. BUT when we make the decision to finally set the bag down and let go of the burden, what sweet relief and liberation from the emotional baggage that has been weighing us and our progress down.

We are now able to fully step into who we are and what is best for us without being mired in the muck of the past.

One of the most beautiful parts of the process can also be the toughest. Actually looking at the burden and seeing the people and circumstances in front of us for what they are and the impact they are having on our life.

Once we are able to recognize who/what are weighing us down and holding us back, we can make the choice to let them/it go. We can be truly liberated from the chains of the past that are keeping us stuck in the present and blocking our future abundance.

Change can be painful but it doesn’t have to be. Think about the Marie Kondo madness that has taken place over the past few months in particular. Clearing out and purging things that no longer spark joy or offer any value in our lives would at one time been labeled as painful but not anymore. Now based on a change of mindset and perspective, it is now liberating!

Take a look at the people and circumstances in your life that feel heavy. What can you do to change the dynamic? Do you need to have a conversation with someone to clear the air so it no longer feels heavy or maybe it’s as simple as saying no to others when what they ask of you no longer brings you joy?

Perhaps if we viewed change and clearing out what no longer sparks joy in our lives as liberating, abundance and joy would have a free flowing path directly to our door where we will be waiting happily now that we have made space for it to enter

What are you clearing out of your life to make way for more joy and abundance to enter? Leave a comment below...because we learn from one another.


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