Now What? Moments


Did you Kondo anyone or anything last week? Or did you realize that the people and circumstances you wanted to release or remove from your life are inextricably linked to you… at least for now?

This is a prime example of a Now What? Moment.

What do you do when you know who/what needs to go but the timing isn’t right or there are aspects surrounding the situation that are complicated or out of your control?

I’ve been trying to decide whether or not to keep the jewelry facet of my business going. Designing, creating, packaging and selling the jewelry at shows is extremely time consuming and not super profitable when doing it ALL myself… while simultaneously expanding my scope of offerings.

I have expanded the guidance portion of KarmicKindness to include Karmic Counseling. I’ve been working with clients but now have more 1:1 offerings to help you bust through blocks, get clear on your life purpose, manage stress better, work through karmic patterns in relationships and heal wounds from the past.

I include a custom piece of jewelry in my individualized programs to support growth, healing and expansion and thought I might begin to phase out the retail jewelry part of my business to focus more on 1:1 client work which brings me tremendous joy.

(Learn more about my support programs: A Soulful Life, Powerfully Peaceful, Courage to Create: A New Life Together, Courage to Create: A New Life All Your Own.)

I’ve come super close to back-burnering it and then I meet someone who purchased a piece of my jewelry who shares how much it has helped and supported them on their journey. Or I get an influx of orders that makes me question the idea.

The whole reason I started KarmicKindness was to heal and support people through the beauty and power of energetic stone jewelry while also giving back to others through my Non-Profit Beneficiary Program. It has since morphed into so much more than just jewelry that offers energetic support but an array of guidance and support for others going through the trials and tribulations of life. I keep coming back to the same place. It seems the jewelry is inextricably linked to me and the core of my business.

So Now What?

It’s time for a shift of perception and a change in approach.

While designing jewelry brings me joy, the creating, packaging and shipping part does not. Hearing how my jewelry makes people feel and how it’s supported them brings me joy, but the thought of keeping this part of my business going as it is now does not.

Since I already include a custom piece of jewelry with the programs I offer, I decided to phase out the custom pieces from retail jewelry and only offer this to those who sign up to work with me for an extended period of time. The reason is because when creating a custom piece a great deal of time is spent talking through current life issues as well as strategies and solutions for healing. I then take this information using intuition as well as research into just the right stones for their specific needs to create a one of a kind bracelet or mala.

To solve the labor dilemma, I found a US based company that can create my designs which frees up my time to focus on the 1:1 interaction that brings me joy and fulfillment.

So I shifted my perception around jewelry as the foundation of my business and changed my business focus and approach which allows me to continue doing the things that bring me joy while releasing the aspects that do not. The perfect Now What? Moment solution.

What’s your Now What? Moment problem and perfect solution? Share in the comments below…remember we learn from one another.

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