Processing What Was & Opening to What Will Be


So the time of reflection and revision is coming to an end with Mercury stationing direct on Thursday, March 28th. How has it been going for you?

Have things come up that were unexpected or that have been screaming at you for a while?

Personally, I had both…some past issues that were never really properly addressed and a surprising new one surfaced. This particular retrograde being in Pisces, a sign that is all about emotions, was the perfect space for deep, inner reflection and healing. While not easy, it proved to be exactly what I needed to move through to the beauty of what lies ahead verses lingering in what was.

I was able to process the past and the loss of what will no longer be while simultaneously embracing the unknown of the future. It is quite liberating to allow for things to unfold organically.

We all have free will and are able to make choices in our day to day lives but there is an energy greater than us that is guiding the ship attempting to steer us to calm water if only we’d allow it. Once we realize that we are one small cog in the machination of the Universe and release our need to control everything, magic and miracles can occur.

There was a surprising aspect of this particular retrograde cycle that threw me but in a good way. And it only showed up because I decided to go with the flow, release control and allow for the Universe to do its thing.

Such a sense of lightness is available when in the flow with all that is realizing that we are connected on a Soul level to all living beings which offers us a different perspective in our interactions and experiences. Such a beautiful gift to be alive at this time even though it may not feel like it at times…recalling the moments of bliss and being open to the ones to come is part of the reason we are all here.

Going into another week with new knowledge and (hopefully) a newfound sense of lightness that stems from all the work you did during this retrograde period, it might be nice to take a few minutes to express your gratitude to someone for the lessons they’ve taught you either in person or energetically. Or perhaps a situation presented itself that may have felt heavy but once the lesson was learned now feels freeing, you can offer your thanks to the Universe for putting this growth opportunity in front of you.

Gratitude, grace and ease going forward.

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