Review, Revise, Redesign...Release


Holy moly! Where has the summer gone???

Can you believe it is the first day of August which also happens to be my birthday!?! (More on my birthday rituals later…and some pictures, too!)

July was a roller coaster of a month emotionally with two eclipses, an unusual occurrence of three moon phases (2 new moons and a potent full moon), and Mercury in retrograde all month (just ended yesterday with effects being felt for another two weeks though) encouraging us to review, rethink and revise aspects of our lives that may not be working to their (and our) highest potential.

This particular retrograde has served as a catalyst for me to take a closer look at how my actions, words and behaviors affect my relationships both personally and professionally.

Reviewing the relationships that mean the most to me and rethinking how I can better approach the more sensitive subject areas has been eye opening and liberating. In my personal relationships, I now see where I can do better and where I need the other person to step up in a bigger way, too while also releasing the attachment to outcome. 

Realizing that as long as my Soul is the compass for my thoughts and actions, I will always be in alignment for what is best for me in that moment. The tricky part comes when there is another person involved, i.e. kids, significant other, etc. because you now have another person and their feelings to take into account. And you have no real way of knowing what is best for their Soul’s journey.

Obviously, relationships consist of two people and both must be willing to put in the effort to nourish and nurture the relationship. An ebb and flow is natural. There will be times when one has to step up a bit more to the support the other and then the other has a chance to offer the same.

The key to successfully making the shift and creating change requires heart to heart communication which is NOT advised during the retrograde period. So might I suggest, waiting a bit longer before broaching any sensitive subject areas as miscommunications can create bigger issues that may not be as easy to unravel and resolve.

I’ve realized that as much as I like to plan and prepare, there is only so much I can do to create the outcomes I desire most as evidenced in my professional life as of late. Being clear on your goals and taking action to make them a reality is important but sometimes things are not meant to work out as planned.

I am in the midst of working on an online version of my Soulful Life workshop. I’ve spent hours creating and refining. I’ve set deadlines that I’ve had to move because of unforeseen circumstances. I’ve run into road blocks that I didn’t see coming and have been distracted by life events that I thought were long since resolved.

The past tends to rear it’s (oftentimes ugly) head during retrogrades and this time proves to be no different. Know that whatever shows up during this time is here to show you aspects that need attention...either to be healed, removed or revitalized in some way. This is powerful knowledge that serves you and all those around you in profound ways because you are able to take action and change.

Now that we are exiting the retrograde period and have a potent New Moon energy to work with, take some time to get clear on what you want to create and manifest in the next month keeping your 6 month goals in mind as moon cycles are 6 months long.

You will have plenty of areas to choose from based on what came up last month and your intimate and closest relationships will be spotlighted for healing and/or transformation. It could be a spouse, close friend or relative, but someone will be prominent in this process. 

Jot down what you want and what action steps you can take to make your dreams a reality.

Who in your life is showing up? What are they showing you about yourself? What are they here to teach you?

What can you do now to plant the seeds for the future? What action(s) can be taken?

Review, Revise, Redesign...and Release. Release the attachment to the outcome.

All will be as it should be. You are always Divinely guided and supported .

And as always, share any insights and thoughts in the comments below. We learn from one another.



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