I had a lovely conversation with a client/friend this past week who mentioned that she knows there are “signs” all around us which guide us to the right path, but she has no idea how to “see” them.

She like so many of us are racing through our days and lives completely oblivious to the guidance and support that is available all the time.

There are numerous signs to be seen but I am only focusing on what I would consider my top two. They can be found in everyday life, are easy to spot and equally easy to learn from.

  • Numbers
  • Animals

You can’t go through the day without seeing numbers. They are on clocks, your phone, your computer, on license plates, on buildings. Virtually everywhere.

The trick with noticing and gaining wisdom from numbers is to recognize what numbers or number patterns tend to show up often. These are the messages meant specifically for you.

Each number carries a vibrational message that is intended to point us in a certain direction by focusing our attention on a specific area of our lives.


Thanks to the number wisdom of the magnificent Numerologist.com, I have included a quick start guide below.

#0 - The zero represents both the void and wholeness. If you keep seeing the zero, it is a sign that you need to stop and create space in your life.  New things maybe trying to manifest around you, but you need to embrace the void, for them to appear. In combination, the zero also magnifies the number which precedes it.  

#1 - You are at the very center of your Universe, so believe in yourself and have confidence in your abilities. This could be an ideal moment to start a new project or initiate a new venture. Ensure the seeds you plant for the future are based on a truly inspired idea.

#2 - Listen deeply to your intuition and try not to be swayed by what other people expect of you. Take time for self-reflection and dig deep, but be gentle with yourself. Appreciate your inner wisdom and in turn, allow yourself to be appreciated by others. This number also indicates the potential for romance, partnerships and love.

#3 - Is there something inside of you that needs to be expressed? It could be an authentic emotion, a creative pursuit, a business venture, or a simple physical movement that is just aching to be released into the world. Do it! This is also a reminder to socialize, laugh and play with the gift of life a little more that you are currently allowing yourself to!

#4 - You need to ground yourself and focus on building the foundations of your life. Give some time and attention to your physical spaces – your home and workplace, as well as your finances, investments and your physical body. This is a reminder not to overlook the very tangible, earth-bound aspects of life.

#5 - Change is in the air! Either you need to break up your routine to allow it to enter into your life, or changes are happening to you and it’s beyond your control. Share your stories or promote yourself in the media. Trust that you are divinely supported and directed, even though life may feel like a whirlwind of activity.

#6 - Make sure you are balancing your physical needs with your spiritual and emotional well-being. Take care of yourself, step into the mothering role of your own needs. You may feel you have too many responsibilities, particularly related to family but do not neglect your own self-care. Listen to or play music and bring more beauty into your life. Harmony will be restored.

#7 - Make time to reflect and meditate more. Take a retreat from the outside world and go within. Take however long you can manage, which may be just 5 minutes, one hour or a day or more. Perhaps it is time to relocate? Try to stay focused on uncovering the next step on your soul’s path, without being swayed by the ego.

#8 - It’s time to be bold! Push those edges a little and expand what you believe you are capable of. You may be in the midst of something which feels like a test or a challenge but trust that you are being prepared for greater things. This is a great time for you to discover a prosperous path and make a real mark in the world.

#9 - Have compassion for yourself. You may be feeling lost or even rejected, so find ways to love yourself fully. This number brings the end of a cycle, so let go of thoughts, feelings, people and circumstances that aren’t serving you. It’s important to make space for what’s new. You have so much to share with the world.

When numbers are doubled, tripled or more, the vibrational message is magnified. So if you should see the number 111 often, pay close attention because the energy of the 1 is tripled!

Like number messages, animal messengers are also ubiquitous, but we tend to miss them because of this very fact. However, now that you are aware, you’ll find there will be an animal or two that tends to show up more and more.

There are different animals that appear in our lives at certain times. We may need the energetic support or guidance from a specific animal when we are dealing with loss or grief and another when we need to focus more on a business or family matter.

And then there’s an animal that is our lifelong Spirit animal…one that plays an important role throughout our lifetime bringing in a specific energy that is in alignment with our Soul’s journey.

There are different modes of thinking on this, but I have found that the animal(s) that we have been drawn to most of our lives or are our favorite animals, tend to be the ones that carry the energies that are supportive in our lives at all times. They may be tied to our strengths or may be present to support the weaker areas of our lives. Either way, they are important and always guiding us towards what is best for our highest good.

Pay close attention to what animals appear in your life and then go to Spirit-Animals.com to learn more about that specific animal and what it means to you.

Bear in mind, not all of what you read with regard to numbers and animals may resonate but there will be a message for you. Something that you read or see will jump out at you or you’ll feel a little ping of energy that alerts you to its importance.

These are the nuggets of wisdom. The signs that you are now able to see and use to move your life forward with more flow and ease. And who wouldn’t want more of that?



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