Soul-Full Session: The Manic Mind (Episode 2: Part 1)

Part 1 of a captivating conversation with Jackie Cioffa about what brought her to The Red Bench (literally and figuratively), the stigma around mental illness and what we can do to foster micro-moments of joy in our lives.
Jackie Cioffa was an international model for 20 years, came back to Auburn to write books and deal with her mental illness. She is an Aries sun sign, Aquarius moon and a Cancer rising and is known for saying "Don't be an a**hole." Jackie has appeared on Bridge Street, Spectrum News CNY, the Finger Lakes Radio Morning News, The Citizen, and will be doing interviews elsewhere. She is the author of The Red Bench (A Memoir) an ambitious, raw, and triumphant effort to delve deep inside the mind of manic depression and a mental illness diagnosis as well as The Vast Landscape and Georgia Pine. You can find her books on Amazon and more about Jackie and her other work at
Amalia Natalio Colyer is the owner/designer/creator at KarmicKindness , the woman behind Karmic Counseling where she guides those in need of  karmic support and direction and the host of Soul-Full Sessions. She is a certified Rapid Transformational Therapist, utilizes her knowledge of stone/crystal energy, Reiki, Ho'oponopono healing, energy/chakra healing, meditation & movement, tarot/oracle cards, astrology, numerology and moon cycles along with her intuition to foster connection and forward movement in any areas of life that need a little extra care. 

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