SoulFull Sessions: Cosmic Forecast - June 2021 (with Madelaine Parker)

A captivating conversation with Madelaine Parker talking about the energy for the month of June. A number of planets are in retrograde (Saturn, Mercury, Pluto & Jupiter - later in the month) which encourages us to slow down and re-evaluate certain aspects of our lives. Be on the lookout for deception and scams with Mercury square Neptune energy. Uranus square Saturn may bring a desire for rebellion. Mercury + North Node causes us to change direction, look at old projects and do them even better. Beautiful Grand Water Trine feels abundant, blessed and romantic and is a great time to start a project that you may have put on the back burner. Give the video a watch to learn what else is happening this month. :) * We will be sharing New Moon and Full Moon insights for each sign on our monthly IGLive Cosmic Forecasts on Instagram every Thursday before each moon cycle AND this month we'll be offering a New Moon Ritual along with the IGLive at 8PM edt/5PM pt. *********** Madelaine Parker is a psychic, medium and intuitive astrologist with 15+ years of overall experience specializing in tarot and astrology aligning people with their highest, best self and destiny. Through the healing power of Tarot, and with the side of astrology, Madelaine can restore faith in the positive force of the universe playing out in your life. After having done thousands of readings and having witnessed most of her reads come to fruition, she can help align your actions and thoughts with your deeper highest knowing of what is best for you. In these times of spiritual bankruptcy, Madelaine has found there to be a deep thirst for the higher often liberating knowledge tarot divination and astrology can bring. She believes it a great responsibility to be trusted with people’s sensitive spiritual soul’s growth. Using the tools of tarot and astrology, Madelaine can help you get back on two balanced feet heading in the right direction for you and your highest and best life. Madelaine is a Sagittarius Sun, Pisces Moon and Cancer Rising…and is known for saying, “It’s all about alignment.” And if you’d like to work with Madelaine, she can be found at, MadelaineParkerInsta on Instagram and by email at

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