SoulFull Sessions: Essential Oils for Emotional Support (with Becky Russell)


A captivating conversation with Becky Russell talking about what essential oils are the most supportive for managing fear, distrust, grief, sadness & guilt...and bringing in more uplifting cheerful and joyful vibes. We also talk about the best (and safest) methods for using oils as well how to use oils for "mother issues" and inner child work. 

Becky Russell’s purpose and passion is to let as many people as possible know the power of essential oils and the benefits of a holistic approach to wellness—treating the entire body, mind, body and soul--from the inside out instead of just treating symptoms. She believes everyone deserves to age with a quality of life. Becky is a Sagittarius Sun, Virgo Moon, Virgo Rising and is known for saying, “Choose you. Choose Natural. Choose now!” You can learn more about Becky and her products at and can connect with her on Facebook at HopeEssentialBecky and on IG @beckyrussellhopeessential.   

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