SoulFull Sessions: Gifts of Tea (with Laura Cepeda)

SoulFull Sessions: Gifts of Tea

A captivating conversation with Laura Cepeda where we talk about how she found herself at the helm of a tea company, the gifts tea has brought her and the gifts her teas can bring to you and those you love this holiday season.

Laura Cepeda is the founder and CEO of MODESTINE®️, a lifestyle tea brand promoting wellness through the power of Connection, Self-Love, Celebration and the magic of Tea Rituals.

As a Certified Tea Sommelier, Laura is passionate about helping individuals understand the foundation in the history, production, classification, identification, traditions and preparation and health benefits of tea.

Laura is a Pisces Sun, Aries Moon and Pisces Ascendant. She is known for saying, “There is purpose in everything.” You can follow her on social @modestineteas and find her shop at


*********** Amalia Satya Natalio offers guidance through her Soulful Life programs, workshops and 1:1 consultations utilizing her knowledge of stone/crystal energy, Reiki, Ho'oponopono healing, energy/chakra healing, meditation & movement, tarot/oracle cards, astrology and moon cycles along with her intuition to foster connection and forward movement in any areas of life that need a little extra care. She is a hypnotherapist certified in the modality of Rapid Transformational Therapy, Reiki Master and delivers Soul Contract readings for individuals and those who'd like some relationship support as well. Amalia is currently working on another book, We to Me offering guidance if you're currently disentangling from a relationship that's not working for you or if you are determining if moving on is the right move for you. You can learn more about Amalia, her Soulful Life programs and working 1:1 at

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