SoulFull Sessions: Mindful Men (20's) with Misha Guseynov

My Mindful Men episode guest...

Misha Guseynov immigrated to the United States from Russia to pursue the American dream. He earned his bachelor’s degree and MBA in Entrepreneurship while in the US and currently owns a successful photography and videography business, Quality Media located in South Florida.

His business experience is an asset to his work while his creativity shines through with his many projects whether it is a wedding, videos for online course creation, birthday parties, engagement shoots or simply capturing family smiles for their holiday cards!

Misha is a Capricorn Sun, Taurus Moon and Pisces Rising…and is known for saying “Everything happens for the best.”


I interviewed men from different age groups...60's, 50's, 40's, 30's & 20's...asking them what mindfulness means to them. We also talk about how they are able to tune into their Soul and how masculine and feminine qualities interplay in our lives regardless of how we identify ourselves. It's a fascinating look at the way men think and what they believe about tuning into their Soul's wisdom and the rituals/practices they use.

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We learn from one another.



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