Supporting our Health: Covid-19 & Beyond


Here are the resources mentioned in my Instagram and Facebook posts from March 18, 2020...

(First thing to NOT touch your face like I am in this photo!!! :))

Sambucol for immune support.

Copper Tongue Scraper for cleansing tongue.

Banyan Botanicals Swish Mint oil pulling mouth rinse to keep bacteria at bay naturally and also offers added teeth whitening benefit when used regualrly.

Banyan Botanicals Nasya Oil for keeping nasal passges moisturized in order to keep bacteria from adhering to nasal passages.

And lastly, here are some super simple and scented sanitizing sprays that are use to make at home...from and


Couple things to note...I am not a medical professional. These are things that I use personally. The links above are affiliate related so I get a little love in return for your purchase but please purchase wherever you feel most comfortable. :)

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