INTERMISSION™: Monday Message & Week 11 Journal Pages

INTERMISSION™: Monday Message & Week 11 Journal Pages

INTERMISSION™: Monday Message & Week 11 Journal Pages

Creative and foundational energy this week... Are you ready??? Pulled cards from 
#WisdomoftheOracle and #CrystalSpirits decks by @colettebaron_reid! - NEW LIFE -
Like just waking from a nap or coming out of our shell, we're stretching a bit but can't yet totally see where we're going. We know it's someplace new but aren't exactly sure what it looks like or how to get there yet we know we are Divinely supported and guided. - BRONZITE -
Reminds us that we are indeed Divinely guided and supported and that we can trust ourselves in the process as well to know who we can trust to support us in the physical world because we are ultimately supported by a higher power.

Pretty powerful, optimistic and feel good start to the week!

We can create our own reality and change the world around us. Change begins with you. ❤️ And if you wanna learn and change and grow, start with a mini inner world chat thru journaling. Week 11 Journal Pages can be found on my blog at
We learn from one another. Xo
Please share ;)
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INTERMISSION™: Flower Friday / Flower Power

INTERMISSION™: Flower Friday / Flower Power

INTERMISSION™: Flower Friday / Flower Power

Ready to move your Friday forward in a fantastic way?

Here are 2 flowers from the 
@lotuswei Flower Evolution deck that are powerful and supportive as you move into the weekend and next week ahead. 🌼 BIRDSFOOT LOTUS 🌼
Activates: Contentment
Dissolves: worry, fear of worst, seriousness
Magnifies: happy/relaxed belly, lightness, cheerfulness, laughter & ease

Message: Take charge! 🌸 RHODODENDRON 🌸
Activates: Compassion
Dissolves: felling alone, out of place, vulnerable, jealousy, insecurity, despair, fear of misunderstanding, betrayal
Magnifies: understanding, compassion, empathy, motherly love & comfort, warmth and protection, steadiness, equanimity.

Message: Be kind to yourself. ❓How can you take the flower power these two flowers offer into the coming days?
❓How can you discover contentment within yourself and take charge when needed?
❓How can you show yourself more compassion?

Send some flower power love to someone who may need it right now.
Remember we learn from one another. Xo
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INTERMISSION™: Making a Different Choice

INTERMISSION™: Making a Different Choice


He made me so angry. 😡
She hurt my feelings. 😞
They don't get it or me. 😩

Have you ever thought or said these statements?

At one time or another, I'd guess they've crossed your mind.

How many times have you fired off a retort from that place of pain only to realize that you overreacted and later ended up apologizing? 🖐️ Raising my hand.

It's easy to feel hurt and look to place the cause of that feeling on someone else but we are the ones responsible for how we feel.

If you feel pain, it's coming from a wound inside of you that needs attention, healing and nurturing.

You heal it by becoming aware that it's there, asking yourself some tough questions to gain a better understanding and when faced with a similar situation, you're then able to pause and make a different choice in the moment. (For a deeper dive on questions to ask yourself for a better understanding of what the pain is all about pop on over to my post... Compassionate Expression from May 19, 2020 on social or my blog at It's important to realize this is a practice so don't beat yourself up if you remain on the same patterns of behavior for a bit before shifting out. It's taken many years to create so its gonna take a little time to unwind.

The beauty lies in the journey and what you learn along the way. 🦋

And if you need some strategies to assist your navigation process on your journey, check out my free 40 minute masterclass Soulful Life: Feel Better Fast available at

Remember, we learn from one another. I'd love to hear from you. Xo
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INTERMISSION™: Full Moon Flower Friday

INTERMISSION™: Full Moon Flower Friday

INTERMISSION™: Full Moon Flower Friday

🎑 It's a double duty kind of day with a 
#FullMoon AND #FlowerFriday! 🌺

If you wanna play in the Vedic star pool, the #fullmoon is in Scorpio. ♏ -If you feel more comfortable in the tropical, pop on over to @goldenotterdivinations for Autumn Seibel's moon magic!- 🌝 This Full Moon in Scorpio encourages us to take a look at the secretive sides of us. What's in harmony with our dreams and desires and what's not.
It's also in an area of the sky that has to do with authority. The authority we have over others and others over us.

This isn't the most beneficial time to start something new in the material/physical world; however, if you're making a change of a spiritual nature, the outcome may be positive.

Mantra: Om Indraya Namah (Huge gratitude to James Kelleher for his breadth of Vedic astrological knowledge!
Much of what I've shared comes from his wisdom.) 🙏

FLOWER FRIDAY card of the day from @lotuswei Flower Evolution deck....
Activates: Conviction

Dissolves: shyness, unworthiness, shame, lack of motivation

Magnifies: clarity, decisiveness, asking for what you want, thinking big

Message: Ask for what you want.

It's a powerhouse flower this week and a powerful full moon eclipse. Take full advantage of this energy to shine a light on those dark spaces that you've kept hidden. See what you can clear out and change going forward. Feel into where there's an imbalance with you and authority figures or vice versa.

It's time for harmony.
Doesn't that sound nice??? We learn from one another. Xo
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INTERMISSION™: What's Your Sign?

INTERMISSION™: What's Your Sign?

INTERMISSION™: What's Your Sign?

Taking a little dip into the astrological pool today! Talking about all things Sun ☀! Your 
#sunsign is the aspect of you that others see. The part of you that is individual and distinctive. It's the part of you that's focused on goals. Your vital force. It's what you show to the world. ✴️ Your sun sign is based on the constellation the sun was located in at the time of your birth.

I went a bit more deeply into each sign in the video but here's a quick one word recap for each sign...
♈ Aries - forceful
♉ Taurus - productive
♊ Gemini - variable
♋ Cancer - nurturing
♌ Leo - powerful
♍ Virgo - organized
♎ Libra - harmonious
♏ Scorpio - intense
♐ Sagittarius - expansive
♑ Capricorn - prudent
♒ Aquarius - analytical
♓ Pisces - sensitive

Do these descriptions resonate with you?
These are only related to your sun and there are 8 planets along with the moon that also influence who you are! 🌟

We'll be talking more about those in upcoming videos! In the meantime, I'd love to hear from you. Does your sun sign feel like it 'fits' you? Why or why not?

Please share in the comments below... We learn from one another. Xo
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