INTERMISSION™: Flower Friday...Mixing Things Up

INTERMISSION™: Flower Friday...Mixing Things Up

Mixing things up a bit by changing my video post frequency. ☺️
I'll be visiting you every weekday now and will be LIVE on Friday!! I'd love to know what time works best for you to join me live... Please leave a comment or DM me. 😁

I've got 2 Flower Friday cards for you this week from the 
@lotuswei Flower Evolution deck...

🌸 White Magnolia 🌸
Activates: spiritual fulfillment
Dissolves: negativity, darkness, extraneous thoughts and fears including fears about death
Magnifies: awakening, highest inspirations, deep peace, spiritual fulfillment, acceptance and ability yo sense divine in every moment
Message: You are divine.

💮 Black Bat Flower 💮
Activates: fierce compassion.
Dissolves: rational + irrational fears, paranoia, phobias, impurities + insecurities, physical and mental toxins, dread and worry
Magnifies: strength, confidence, fearlessness, ability + readiness to advocate for oneself and others, protection, firece compassion, protective anger, productive ferocity
Message: Advocate for yourself and others.

Pretty powerful flower duo for this week.
Screenshot these babies...held the cards up so you could get a good one 🤣.
Look at them daily as a reminder that you are divinely protected and able to advocate for yourself and others when needed.

You got this.
See you on Monday!
And please share if called to do so...we learn from one another. Xo

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INTERMISSION™: The Beauty & Magic of a Single Flower

INTERMISSION™: The Beauty & Magic of a Single Flower

 I posted a picture this morning of a single flower.
A flower that sits on a table in my home.
It was a gift from someone special so it holds even more meaning.

This single flower holds the magic and majesty of nature.🏵️ If you think about it, what did it take for that flower to grow?
Who planted the seed?
Who fed and watered it?
How many hours of sunlight were required for it to sprout, to grow, to bloom? 🌱
How many hands touched it before it made its way to me?

It's pretty profound to think of all the flowers that grow and do their thing without worry or anxiety or fear they're doing something wrong.

They know to grow and bloom.

We have the same ability. To surrender into who we're meant to be.
As Eckhart Tolle says in his book The Power of Now, "to relinquish inner resistance to what is."
And in The New Earth, to "appreciate something simple - a sight, a sound, a touch - when you see beauty, when you feel loving kindness toward another, sense the inner spaciousness that is the source and the background to that experience." then being is bliss.

Doesn't that feel easier?
Isn't that simpler?
We make it harder than it needs to be.

Look at a flower and take in its beauty, complexity and magic while feeling how easy it is to be exactly what you're meant to be when you surrender to what it, to who you are and allow life to unfold as it's meant to be.
(if even for a few minutes a day 😊)! Let me know what you think about the nature of flowers... We learn from one another. Xo
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INTERMISSION™: Find Your Tribe & New Journal Bundles

INTERMISSION™: Find Your Tribe & New Journal Bundles

🔥 Hot off the & improved INTERMISSION Journal Bundles with new prompts that will change how you approach your day/week!

And the card for the week is
from Wisdom of the Oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid

My interpretation of The Tribe is about finding "your people" if you haven't already. People who are like minded but not necessarily the same.
There's beauty in having similar values and interests but there's equal value in learning from our differences too.

Finding your tribe gives you a sense of community and togetherness...of belonging.
As humans, we are wired for connection and belonging. We long for it.

If you've already found your tribe, can you reconnect or contribute in a different way?

Remember we learn from one another so get out out there and share with your tribe!

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INTERMISSION™: Stoic Sunday Mother's Day Message :)

INTERMISSION™: Stoic Sunday Mother's Day Message :)

💗 Happy Mama's Day to all the mommas out there!
We wouldn't be here without ya!

For the first time ever I am not with my kiddos on this day. Feels so strange and a little sad.
BUT I also feel so incredibly blessed to be a mom to them and to be (virtually) surrounded by friends, family and clients whom I adore and who adore me! 💕

I don't usually get Mother's Day messages from many outside of my kids and maybe besties on this day but somehow my people know and have shown up for me today.

I am one lucky 🍀 grateful 🙏gal!

And in keeping with the Stoic Sunday theme, here are a few Stoic thoughts 💭 with mothers in mind:
🔸Get comfortable with discomfort.
This begins early on in pregnancy, labor/delivery, early childhood and keeps right on going into THEIR adulthood!
🔸Accept what you can't control.
At some point along the way you can't control who they hang out with, what interests they have or where they want to live so you might as well accept it and support them on whatever path they choose.
🔸Persevere with courage and without complaint.
Again, early on in their lives we're put in a position to do just that. The no complaint part may not be as readily seen (at least in my case 😂) but as moms we persevere and courageously do what needs to be done.

Whether you're a mom, dad or neither, these also apply to you but for different reasons obviously.

Where in your life have you had to persevere with courage or accept what you can't control?
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