INTERMISSION™: Stoic Sunday Mother's Day Message :)

INTERMISSION™: Stoic Sunday Mother's Day Message :)

💗 Happy Mama's Day to all the mommas out there!
We wouldn't be here without ya!

For the first time ever I am not with my kiddos on this day. Feels so strange and a little sad.
BUT I also feel so incredibly blessed to be a mom to them and to be (virtually) surrounded by friends, family and clients whom I adore and who adore me! 💕

I don't usually get Mother's Day messages from many outside of my kids and maybe besties on this day but somehow my people know and have shown up for me today.

I am one lucky 🍀 grateful 🙏gal!

And in keeping with the Stoic Sunday theme, here are a few Stoic thoughts 💭 with mothers in mind:
🔸Get comfortable with discomfort.
This begins early on in pregnancy, labor/delivery, early childhood and keeps right on going into THEIR adulthood!
🔸Accept what you can't control.
At some point along the way you can't control who they hang out with, what interests they have or where they want to live so you might as well accept it and support them on whatever path they choose.
🔸Persevere with courage and without complaint.
Again, early on in their lives we're put in a position to do just that. The no complaint part may not be as readily seen (at least in my case 😂) but as moms we persevere and courageously do what needs to be done.

Whether you're a mom, dad or neither, these also apply to you but for different reasons obviously.

Where in your life have you had to persevere with courage or accept what you can't control?
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INTERMISSION™: Journal Pages (Week 6)

INTERMISSION™: Journal Pages (Week 6)

How are we already at Week 6???

This week our focus is on EMOTIONS!

What emotions do we desire, which ones show up the most and of those which are beneficial...these are a few of the questions we are asking ourselves this week in order to gain a better understanding of our emotional nature.

Click HERE for your INTERMISSION: Week 6 bundle.

You can print out the pages or fill in and save in the editable PDF format.

The INTERMISSION journal pages can be used in addition to your regular journaling practice if you have one...pop these in whenever you feel inspired to change it up a bit. 

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INTERMISSION™: Stoic Sunday With a Side Order of Self-Care

INTERMISSION™: Stoic Sunday With a Side Order of Self-Care

🏛️ Keeping the 
#StoicSunday theme going this week with a quote from Marcus Aurelius... "I am part of the whole, all of which is governed by nature.
...I am intimately related to all the parts, which are of the same kind as myself. If I remember these two things, I cannot be discontented with anything that arises out of the whole, because I am connected to the whole. "


Pretty #powerful especially considering the impact we are feeling globally.

What appeared to be a" problem" in Asia has spread across the globe affecting the whole.

Similarly, the Golden Blanket of Loving Light #meditation I shared a couple weeks ago is intended to spread #love to the whole. The #intention is simply to know that those who need it the most will receive it. And in doing so, we as a whole are benefiting.
(Meditation is on #SoulFullSessions Podcast available on most podcast platforms)

Another way to spread the love is to love thyself whereby you have even more love to give.
(Starting to sound like the Stoics, aren't I? 🤓) In my mind, #self-love is the inspiration for self-care. #Self-care is the action you take to give yourself love.
And then you've got even more love to give!

I'd like to recommend a woman whom I love (Lisa Leach) and her business (Organic Plum Studio) that I adore to bring a little 💖 right to your doorstep or to your mama's doorstep if you wanna get a jump on Mother's Day... It's next Sunday by the way!

@plumlisa5 has loads of products available that can be bundled together for a personalized package or you can choose from a variety of pre-designed options... So many fabulous ones to choose from!

She uses only organic, top quality products and offers the #Eminence skincare line which is a world renowned and highly respected brand.
I can personally attest to their efficacy, how nice they feel on the skin and how yummy they smell! 🏵️ Take a peek at
I promise you will be so happy you did!

So here's to you today... Loving yourself in order to love others and in turn increasing the #vibes of the whole which will only get us through this #INTERMISSION and onto Act II!

We learn from one another... Share away my friends!
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