INTERMISSION™: Flower Friday & Freebies

INTERMISSION™: Flower Friday & Freebies

INTERMISSION™: Flower Friday & Freebies

🌸 Our 
#FlowerFriday pick from the Flower Evolution deck for this week is one huge powerhouse of goodness! - MANDEVILLA-
Activates: Acceptance
(We've been talking about that a lot lately... #radicalacceptance)

Dissolves: Fear of loss, anger, anguish, or sadness as result of clinging, fear of abandonment or rejection

Magnifies: Deep appreciation of present moment, peace, patience and contentment, as well as freedom and creativity

Message: Fall in love with what is.

I am totally loving this flower and its powerful message! ❓Where or what in your life needs acceptance of what is? ❓How can you radically accept where you are and what is present in your life at this moment?

I find deep gratitude a good place to start.

The Mandevilla also looks a bit like a pinwheel which reminds us to be playful like a child.
And it has a beautiful orange and yellow center with a hint of green.
The colors of power centers (chakras) in our bodies that have to do with empowerment, creativity and love.

So accept what is from a place of loving gratitude and find power within to create.

Sounds pretty freaking awesome to me! How about you? 🤔

Remember we learn from one another so please let me know what you think and share your thoughts on the Mandevilla in the comments! Xo

And check out the freebies:
🙏 Immunity Body Boost Meditation
And my free
🙌 Soulful Life:Feel Better Fast masterclass
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INTERMISSION™: Stoic Sunday Mother's Day Message :)

INTERMISSION™: Stoic Sunday Mother's Day Message :)

💗 Happy Mama's Day to all the mommas out there!
We wouldn't be here without ya!

For the first time ever I am not with my kiddos on this day. Feels so strange and a little sad.
BUT I also feel so incredibly blessed to be a mom to them and to be (virtually) surrounded by friends, family and clients whom I adore and who adore me! 💕

I don't usually get Mother's Day messages from many outside of my kids and maybe besties on this day but somehow my people know and have shown up for me today.

I am one lucky 🍀 grateful 🙏gal!

And in keeping with the Stoic Sunday theme, here are a few Stoic thoughts 💭 with mothers in mind:
🔸Get comfortable with discomfort.
This begins early on in pregnancy, labor/delivery, early childhood and keeps right on going into THEIR adulthood!
🔸Accept what you can't control.
At some point along the way you can't control who they hang out with, what interests they have or where they want to live so you might as well accept it and support them on whatever path they choose.
🔸Persevere with courage and without complaint.
Again, early on in their lives we're put in a position to do just that. The no complaint part may not be as readily seen (at least in my case 😂) but as moms we persevere and courageously do what needs to be done.

Whether you're a mom, dad or neither, these also apply to you but for different reasons obviously.

Where in your life have you had to persevere with courage or accept what you can't control?
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INTERMISSION™: Taking 100% Responsibility

INTERMISSION™: Taking 100% Responsibility

This may be a tough one for some of you...
Particularly if you're in a relationship whether it's romantic, friendly or professional where you feel someone is taking advantage of you or you're looking to him/her to give you a sense of peace or wholeness or security.

Most of us think of relationships as 50/50 propositions.
But Gay Hendricks says otherwise in his book The Big Leap.
You are 💯% responsible and they are 💯% responsible.

You might ask..."How the 'f' does that work because that adds up to 200%?" Well, that's because it's not about them.

It's about you.

You knowing that you have all you need within you already. That no person can "make" you feel whole or in some cases inadequate or secure.

It's knowing that you are perfect in your imperfection and are 100% okay with that.

That doesn't mean you don't take responsibility for your words or actions. It means that you don't NEED another person to say or do anything to create a feeling of peace within you.
Because you always have it. It's always there.
You simply need to access it.

And you access it by getting radically honest with yourself and then radically accepting yourself.

From this place you access that peaceful place withing and can take action that's in alignment with who you truly are and what you truly desire for yourself.

Would love to hear about a time in your life when you were radically honest and what you learned.
Remember we learn from one another. 

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