INTERMISSION™: Questioning Your Relationship...where are you now?

INTERMISSION™: Questioning Your Relationship...where are you now?

Last week we strolled back in time to where you began. If you missed step 1, you can revisit it HERE.

This week, we are all about the present...where are you now...and we're going to peek into your present day relationship with Soulful Life: Relationships - Where Are We Now insight sheets.

We are creating the full spectrum picture of your relationship each week, but I'd like to point out that it is also important to look at yourself int his process as well. 

Actually it's probably the most important step yet the one that is most often overlooked or skipped altogether.


Because looking at ourselves is hard. It can feel icky.

Looking to someone else as the source of our discomfort is so much easier. We can clearly see where they are going wrong; how they are to blame.

But here's the thing, we create our own reality so it is important to take a look at ourselves and our role in the relationship.

For now, we are going to complete the relationship picture and then set it aside so we can get into the good stuff...YOU. :)

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INTERMISSION™: Releasing Makes Way for Blessings

INTERMISSION™: Releasing Makes Way for Blessings

Did it feel like that for you?? 🌝 The full moon was over a week ago but it's always a good time to #release what's not serving you.
And with the new moon next week, let's clear out the gunk and make room for some magical blessings.

My Release Ritual:
Get quiet.
Light Release candle.
Write out in as much detail what I am releasing from my life.
Take paper, candle and bowl of water outside.
Light paper on fire and release the ashes into the air for transmutation.

Please be safe and smart with fire🔥.

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INTERMISSION™: Feel Better Fast!

INTERMISSION™: Feel Better Fast!

Freebies abound today!
😀 Soulful Life: Feel Better Fast masterclass 🎧 
#SoulFullSessions podcast
🌻 Flower Friday card + Joy Juice

Wanna Feel Better Fast???
I got ya covered with my 40 minute masterclass!
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INTERMISSION™: Golden Gift for You!

INTERMISSION™: Golden Gift for You!

I've got a #golden gift for you today!

It's a super short yet powerful meditation based on the high vibes of love 💗

Pretty simple process that takes you to a place true love and spreads across the world like a cozy, nurturing golden blanket that makes you feel safe and secure...hence the title, Golden Blanket of Loving Light!

Take a listen on all podcast platforms including SpotifyApple PodcastsStitcherAnchorFM among others...simple type in SoulFull Sessions to find it! OR follow these links:

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INTERMISSION™: Believe in High Vibes

INTERMISSION™: Believe in High Vibes

I've got a surprise for you today!
I created a Soulful Life: High Vibes Playlist just for you on Spotify!
📻 Check it out
KarmicKindness | Amalia

Message for today is:
from the gorgeous @crazysexykris Crazy Sexy Love Notes card deck!
She is a high vibe kinda gal always smiling and bringing brightness to the world! She posts informative & super fun stuff! Check her out if you don't know her already!

Believe in the magic that surrounds you and live in alignment with your dreams.
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