INTERMISSION™: Flower Friday & Loving New Moon

INTERMISSION™: Flower Friday & Loving New Moon

INTERMISSION™: Flower Friday & Loving New Moon

Today is a new moon in Taurus if following the Vedic system.
Taurus is all about love 😍 as it's ruled by Venus...the planet of
This new moon encourages us to focus on loving and connecting with ourselves and others.

The intentions set during this new moon are foundational for this upcoming moon cycle and the Taurean energy carries over for the next 30 days.
What intentions are you setting with love, harmony and connection in mind?

And to further support this process, the 
#FlowerFriday card from @lotuswei Flower Evolution deck is
Activates: self-care
Dissolves: giving away too much energy, self-sacrifice, martyrdom
Magnifies: Feeling complete, worth, whole. Retaining own energy and protection from burnout and resentment

Message: Take exquisite care of yourself.

One final word on L💜VE from Postcards from Spirit by @colettebaron_reid...
"Love is the answer to literally everything."
"What would love do?" Please share with someone you love... We learn from one another. Xo
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INTERMISSION™: Take the Leap & Flower Friday

INTERMISSION™: Take the Leap & Flower Friday

What a perfect follow up to yesterday's post regarding relationship direction!

If you missed it, especially if you're currently in conflict regarding a present day relationship, please check it out and grab the insight sheets bundle at on my blog!

Today is all about planting the 🌱 seed of intention for a new life. It may be one on your won or perhaps a newer, better version of your current partnership.

Either way, now is the time. There's no better time.

And the @lotuswei Flower Evolution Card Deck supports the collective energy on this path! 🌸 The Flower Friday card:
(Info from card)
Night Blooming Cereus

Activates: Fearlessness
Dissolves: negativity, self-limitations, old habits & patterns
Magnifies: Courage to take great leaps to reach full potential, realization of true gifts and how to expand them

Message: Take the Leap!

Buckle your seat's about to get real... Fun! 💯
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