INTERMISSION™: Fear, Worry & Shame...Oh, my!

INTERMISSION™: Fear, Worry & Shame...Oh, my!

Going a little on the heavy side to start the week, talking about #blame yesterday and now focusing on #fear#worry and #shame.


I know. I know.
Bear with me on this... A quite powerful book that looks at emotions and how to release those that aren't serving you and are potentially creating issues in your body is The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

I was intuitively guided to fear, worry and shame as the top three emotions that are affecting us as a global community right now.
But here's the thing...these emotions can be real or imagined.

What I mean by that is, yes, you may be worried about a loved one getting sick.
If he/she is destined to become ill, he/she will.

Does your worry help that person? Does it help you? Does it change the outcome?

No to all three questions.

So is your worry real or not real?
Well, the worry is real but the subject of worry is not.

Can you make a different choice?
Can you look at why you're worrying?
Is it more about control than worry?
What's it about?

You might be surprised what answers you receive and how much better you'll feel once you shift out of these low vibrational emotional states.

And don't "worry" 🤣, we're going to be moving up the emotional ladder to some higher vibes tomorrow! 😁

Remember, we all learn from one another. Let me know which of the emotions mentioned is showing up most for you right now and how you're
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INTERMISSION™: Taking 100% Responsibility

INTERMISSION™: Taking 100% Responsibility

This may be a tough one for some of you...
Particularly if you're in a relationship whether it's romantic, friendly or professional where you feel someone is taking advantage of you or you're looking to him/her to give you a sense of peace or wholeness or security.

Most of us think of relationships as 50/50 propositions.
But Gay Hendricks says otherwise in his book The Big Leap.
You are 💯% responsible and they are 💯% responsible.

You might ask..."How the 'f' does that work because that adds up to 200%?" Well, that's because it's not about them.

It's about you.

You knowing that you have all you need within you already. That no person can "make" you feel whole or in some cases inadequate or secure.

It's knowing that you are perfect in your imperfection and are 100% okay with that.

That doesn't mean you don't take responsibility for your words or actions. It means that you don't NEED another person to say or do anything to create a feeling of peace within you.
Because you always have it. It's always there.
You simply need to access it.

And you access it by getting radically honest with yourself and then radically accepting yourself.

From this place you access that peaceful place withing and can take action that's in alignment with who you truly are and what you truly desire for yourself.

Would love to hear about a time in your life when you were radically honest and what you learned.
Remember we learn from one another. 

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INTERMISSION™: Relationship Questions...looking for a direction

INTERMISSION™: Relationship Questions...looking for a direction

If you're just now discovering these insight sheets, please do the first two sets first. They follow a specific order for a better sense of clarity and relationship understanding.

Soulful Life: Relationships - Where We Began

Soulful Life: Relationships - Where We Are Now

And we are in the home stretch of the relationship series with Soulful Life: Relationships - Where We Are Going

Download the PDF...can fill it in digitally or print. (Printing on both sides recommended to give Mother Earth a little love!)

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INTERMISSION™: 3 Quick & Easy Energy Shift Techniques

INTERMISSION™: 3 Quick & Easy Energy Shift Techniques

Wanna shift your energy FAST?
I've got some quick and easy ways for you to do just that!

Huge gratitude to 
@donnaedeneem for her amazing work... Check out her book Energy Medicine! 🙌

3 Simple Strategies to Shift Your Energy:
(See video for detailed instructions)
1️⃣ Crossover Shoulder Pull
{balance and harmonize energy; clear thinking}
One hand on opposite shoulder. Dig fingertips in and drag across body diagonally a few times.
Repeat on opposite side.

2️⃣ Crown Pull
{clears mind; inspiring ;relives headaches; refreshes mind}
Finger tips at center of forehead.
Sweep out.
Finger tips on top of head.
Sweep out
Do the same on back of head and lower head/upper neck.

3️⃣ Hook Up
{calming; centering; connects 'circuits' in body}
Place middle finger of one hand on third eye in between eyebrows.
Place middle finger of other hand in belly button.
Press both finger in and pull up.
Hold for 30 seconds or longer.
You'll likely feel a shift or you'll yawn or sigh to alert you that the energies have 'hooked up'! Hope these are helpful and remember, we learn from one another so please share with someone you ❤️!
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INTERMISSION™: Questioning Your Relationship...where are you now?

INTERMISSION™: Questioning Your Relationship...where are you now?

Last week we strolled back in time to where you began. If you missed step 1, you can revisit it HERE.

This week, we are all about the present...where are you now...and we're going to peek into your present day relationship with Soulful Life: Relationships - Where Are We Now insight sheets.

We are creating the full spectrum picture of your relationship each week, but I'd like to point out that it is also important to look at yourself int his process as well. 

Actually it's probably the most important step yet the one that is most often overlooked or skipped altogether.


Because looking at ourselves is hard. It can feel icky.

Looking to someone else as the source of our discomfort is so much easier. We can clearly see where they are going wrong; how they are to blame.

But here's the thing, we create our own reality so it is important to take a look at ourselves and our role in the relationship.

For now, we are going to complete the relationship picture and then set it aside so we can get into the good stuff...YOU. :)

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INTERMISSION™: Releasing Makes Way for Blessings

INTERMISSION™: Releasing Makes Way for Blessings

Did it feel like that for you?? 🌝 The full moon was over a week ago but it's always a good time to #release what's not serving you.
And with the new moon next week, let's clear out the gunk and make room for some magical blessings.

My Release Ritual:
Get quiet.
Light Release candle.
Write out in as much detail what I am releasing from my life.
Take paper, candle and bowl of water outside.
Light paper on fire and release the ashes into the air for transmutation.

Please be safe and smart with fire🔥.

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