INTERMISSION™: Monday Message & Week 9 Journal Pages

INTERMISSION™: Monday Message & Week 9 Journal Pages

INTERMISSION™: Monday Message

Whoa...what a weekend!

Lots of personal planets are retrograde bringing up quite a bit of 'stuff' for us to look at.

I went on a deep inner journey and man, did some stuff show up...feel like I'm still working thru it.

Talking with others it seems, even if they didn't do deep inner work on purpose, they ended up doing a bit anyway because of the retrograde planets I mentioned.

And the 
#WisdomoftheOracle cards for this week are in sync with that theme.
(protection) "Stumbling forward is better than holding back. Don't overthink things or let yourself get distracted - just tie up any loose ends and deliver the results. Don't quit before the finish line. Spirit wants you to win.

- A LEG UP -
Are you always insisting on doing everything yourself? Do you have little faith that help will come, convinced that the burden of the world is doomed to remain in your shoulders? Let others help you. Yes, it will make you feel vulnerable to admit you need a helping hand. You can't "do life" all by yourself.

❓ What in your life is unfinished?
❓ Where can you shift and perhaps ask for help?

Remember, weearn from one another and I'm happy to offer you a helping hand! Xo

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INTERMISSION™: Flower Friday & Freebies

INTERMISSION™: Flower Friday & Freebies

INTERMISSION™: Flower Friday & Freebies

🌸 Our 
#FlowerFriday pick from the Flower Evolution deck for this week is one huge powerhouse of goodness! - MANDEVILLA-
Activates: Acceptance
(We've been talking about that a lot lately... #radicalacceptance)

Dissolves: Fear of loss, anger, anguish, or sadness as result of clinging, fear of abandonment or rejection

Magnifies: Deep appreciation of present moment, peace, patience and contentment, as well as freedom and creativity

Message: Fall in love with what is.

I am totally loving this flower and its powerful message! ❓Where or what in your life needs acceptance of what is? ❓How can you radically accept where you are and what is present in your life at this moment?

I find deep gratitude a good place to start.

The Mandevilla also looks a bit like a pinwheel which reminds us to be playful like a child.
And it has a beautiful orange and yellow center with a hint of green.
The colors of power centers (chakras) in our bodies that have to do with empowerment, creativity and love.

So accept what is from a place of loving gratitude and find power within to create.

Sounds pretty freaking awesome to me! How about you? 🤔

Remember we learn from one another so please let me know what you think and share your thoughts on the Mandevilla in the comments! Xo

And check out the freebies:
🙏 Immunity Body Boost Meditation
And my free
🙌 Soulful Life:Feel Better Fast masterclass
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INTERMISSION™: The Light & Dark Side of the Moon

INTERMISSION™: The Light & Dark Side of the Moon


This week we're getting to know the Moon 🎑 !

#moonsign is the aspect of you that relates to your inner world. The part of you that you may keep hidden. It's the part of you that feels and those feelings can be full of joy and pleasure or csn be fearful and jealous.

The light and bright part of you like with the full moon 🌕 and the dark, shadowy part of you like the new moon 🌑. ✴️ Your moon sign is based on the constellation the moon was located in at the time of your birth.

I went a bit more deeply into each sign in the video but here's a quick one word recap for each sign...
♈ Aries - outspoken
♉ Taurus - sensitive
♊ Gemini - imaginative
♋ Cancer - charismatic
♌ Leo - dignified ♍ Virgo - intelligent ♎ Libra - charming
♏ Scorpio - self-reliant
♐ Sagittarius - humanitarian
♑ Capricorn - persistent ♒ Aquarius - independent
♓ Pisces - sympathetic
Do these descriptions resonate with you?
These are only related to your moon and there are 8 planets along with the sun that also influence who you are! 🌟

I'd love to hear from you. Does your moon sign feel like it 'fits' you? Why or why not?

Please share in the comments below... We learn from one another. Xo
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INTERMISSION™: Wednesday Wisdom - Fun & Stoic Games

INTERMISSION™: Wednesday Wisdom - Fun & Stoic Games

Today's #WednesdayWisdom nugget is fun and games which seems to be a theme this week.
(Check out my oracle card theme reading post from Monday) 😁

I talked a bit about Joe Rogan who I wouldn't equate with Stoicism but apparently he's all about it. Who knew? 🤷‍♂️
And he is quoted as saying, "If you ever start taking things too seriously, just remember that we are talking monkeys on an organic spaceship flying through the universe." Something about that struck me as funny yet profound. And reminded me that we often take life so seriously when it's meant to be fun. 💃 Perhaps if we thought of life as a game or a dance and approached each person and situation as a partner with whom we might learn a new step or refine one we already know, it would feel easier, lighter and more fun.

I mentioned quite a few quotes in the video and won't bore you with all of them here but do want to leave you with the gist and overarching theme... Dont wait to demand the best for yourself.
A bit of struggle is part of the process but it's how you perceive it that makes the biggest difference on how it impacts you overall.

And one final thought from Voltaire...
"Uncertainty is an uncomfortable position. But certainty is an absurd one." So freaking true.

Remember we learn from one another so please share this wisdom with those who may need it today. Xo
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INTERMISSION™: Flower Friday & Loving New Moon

INTERMISSION™: Flower Friday & Loving New Moon

INTERMISSION™: Flower Friday & Loving New Moon

Today is a new moon in Taurus if following the Vedic system.
Taurus is all about love 😍 as it's ruled by Venus...the planet of
This new moon encourages us to focus on loving and connecting with ourselves and others.

The intentions set during this new moon are foundational for this upcoming moon cycle and the Taurean energy carries over for the next 30 days.
What intentions are you setting with love, harmony and connection in mind?

And to further support this process, the 
#FlowerFriday card from @lotuswei Flower Evolution deck is
Activates: self-care
Dissolves: giving away too much energy, self-sacrifice, martyrdom
Magnifies: Feeling complete, worth, whole. Retaining own energy and protection from burnout and resentment

Message: Take exquisite care of yourself.

One final word on L💜VE from Postcards from Spirit by @colettebaron_reid...
"Love is the answer to literally everything."
"What would love do?" Please share with someone you love... We learn from one another. Xo
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