Time to Ignore...that "Voice"


I’ve found over the years, the past couple in particular, that when the lows come in they tend to come in like a tidal wave not a gentle wave lapping the shoreline.

Since returning home from Miami, I’ve been on a high of excitement about the new skills I learned and the new friends I made. I hit the ground running making changes to my business and my life overall so there hasn’t been a ton of time to sink into the lows, but a wave descended nonetheless.

Everything was going great, and then that “voice” in my head started to sound off making me doubt and second guess myself.

You know the voice.

The voice that says, “Who do you think you are? You think you have what I takes to be successful? You think you can actually do this? Who are you kidding? Go back to bed and pull the covers over your head!”

Sound familiar?

Have you ever been so incredibly excited about a project, person, house, job, fill in the blank…and then the “voice” comes out of nowhere sabotaging your dreams and making you wonder if the decision you were so sure about moments ago is truly the right thing for you?

Now what do you do?

Wallow in indecision? Ask a trusted friend what the bloody hell you should do? Journal? Pour a glass (or two) of wine? Give up?

When this inevitably happens, it is time to get silent. To thank that voice for their input but then listen. Really listen to what you heart and gut say to you in tandem.

I tend to swirl and twirl in my head whenever something is bothering me or there is a decision to be made. It’s like a tornado of thoughts wreaking havoc on my brain and hijacking my focus on anything other than the issue at hand.

I weigh the pros and cons. I look at it from every angle. I ponder to the point of distraction which is not really moving the ball forward in any real way because I am unable to settle on one place and make a decision.

That’s when I feel into it and see what my heart and gut have to say. They are usually the best predictors as to what is best for me, BUT I have to get my head to agree and wrap itself around the idea of going in a certain direction which I have found to be particularly difficult.

This is where meditation and journaling have been invaluable tools for me. When I am quiet and still in meditation, answers tend to drop in like confetti from the Universe with little messages for me.

It may not always be clear where the destination will be but there’s always a first step even if it’s small; like moving from meditation to the kitchen for a cup of tea to warm my soul.

I also find it helpful to journal right after meditating to capture the messages I received or if nothing came through to me that day, to jot down how I am feeling. Perhaps even writing a bit about how I felt before, during and after meditation.

It’s also nice to be able to go back and see how far I’ve come on those days that feel a like a bit much. I can flip back a few weeks or months and see how much has changed. Things all of a sudden don’t look or feel so bleak or heavy.

Another tip for journaling that I found a bit uncomfortable at first but have grown to love is video journaling. Essentially all you are doing is recording yourself talking to the camera like a trusted friend. It is like a journal entry or mental download of all that is on your mind at that moment.

I’d recommend watching the video immediately after recording and take note of what may affect you when you see and hear yourself saying what’s in your mind and heart out loud. Watch your body language. There will be clues as to what is really bothering you and what may no longer be an issue simply by getting it out.

It is amazing how different journaling feels when speaking and watching than writing. I believe it is an invaluable tool when you need clarity of direction.

So when life’s lows and doubts creep in, when that “voice” won’t stop its negative chatter, get silent. Go within. Listen. Journal. And most importantly be gentle with yourself knowing that all is as it should be and this too shall pass.

Lighter and brighter times are always available to you. You got this!


*This post is dedicated to all my fellow RTT Miami peeps…get out there are transform! You’ve totally and completely got this! Big love.*




  • Amalia Natalio Colyer

    Thanks, Marie and Tricia, for your sweet comments! I am happy that my words are resonating with you! :)

  • Tricia

    I love this post !!! You are putting clearly into words what I think all women feel. Be silent !

  • Marie Shields

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!! You are one incredible writer my dear, with so much wisdom and knowledge! Thank you for this post; it is EXACTLY what I needed to hear! You are the best! Hope to talk soon. Much Love, Marie

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