Word of the Week: ⁠ 💫 DISCERN 💫⁠

Word of the Week: ⁠

To discern...perceive or recognize (something) and/or⁠
to recognize or identify as separate and distinct.⁠

You may have heard the expression...⁠
She has discerning taste.⁠
You really need to use discernment going forward in relationships.⁠

This word is one that I struggle with a bit.⁠

It seems like it would be easy but for some reason it is not for me when it comes to some areas of my life.⁠

I find that I have a hard time discerning what's best for me when people I love are involved as I often put their needs ahead of my own.⁠

I am learning to pause, breathe and tune into the messages my body is giving me in order to know what action or inaction to take in that moment.⁠

For a meditation that will help you tune into your body and heart, go to Linkin.bio or⁠

Where in your life do you struggle with discerning?⁠

We learn from one another.⁠

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