Word of the Week: ⁠ 💫 IRIDESCENT 💫⁠

Word of the Week: ⁠

After the gorgeous and emotional full moon in Pisces yesterday, let's talk rainbows and becoming!⁠

Take a little peek at the origin of iridescent according to dictionary.com...⁠
"Iridescent “displaying a play of lustrous colors like those of the rainbow” is a combination of the Ancient Greek word îris (stem irid-) “rainbow” and the Latin inceptive infix -sc- “the process of becoming.” ⁠
In Greek mythology, Iris was the goddess of rainbows and sometimes functioned as the messenger of the gods, serving as a link between the heavens and the mortal realm"⁠

So while we're still in the energy of the full moon shining brightly in the sky, bring the iridescent quality of YOU into the light. Shine your rainbow light. ⁠
What does your process of becoming feel like?⁠
Can you recognize the magical link between heaven and earth in everyday life?⁠

We learn from one another.⁠
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