Word of the Week: ⁠ 💫 SANCTITY 💫⁠

Word of the Week: ⁠

Drop a 👍🏽 if you've heard of this word before.⁠

It's one that I recall my mom saying as it related to church and being holy.⁠

"the state or quality of being holy, sacred, or saintly."⁠
"ultimate importance and inviolability."⁠
And comes from the Latin word 'sanctus' meaning holy.⁠

I bring it to your attention this week in terms of what is the sanctity of you?⁠

What I mean by that is, what is sacred about you?⁠
This is a BIG question and place of contemplation this week.⁠

I'll get your mental juices flowing by sharing what I consider sacred and a place of sanctity to me.⁠
Sanctity of devotion for my children.⁠
Sanctity of love for my man.⁠
Sanctity of wisdom that I hope to impart with my work.⁠

What about you?⁠
We learn from one another.⁠

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