How KarmicKindness Began...

Hello, my friend! I am thrilled you found KarmicKindess:) I am a mother of 4, wife to 1 and (hopefully) good friend to many. The start of this journey began in my youth…even though I didn't know it at the time. Growing up, we had a long gravel driveway that consisted of irregularly shaped granite stones. I would spend hours searching for the ones with the most crystalline formations that shimmered magnificently! On family museum outings, I would spend the majority of time in the Rocks & Minerals section admiring all of the beautiful gemstones. While walking on the beach, my gaze was at my feet, looking not for shells, but for the perfect stone shaped by the rhythmic waves of the sea. How awe inspiring to reflect on its travels…where did its journey begin and what path did it take to end up in my hands?

To this day, I still search for new treasures and luckily, married a fellow stone lover. We have them inside and outside our home. We’ve collected gems from our travels that are gorgeous but also have sentimental meaning. And our kids are in on the action, too. They hunt for ones they think I will like and occasionally keep some for themselves! 

After some setbacks and health issues, I made a decision to try to live a more aware, grateful and fulfilling life. Who doesn’t want to be fulfilled, right? This sounds like an admirable goal but how on earth do you do it? I spent a great deal of time meditating, practicing yoga and talking with friends about my dharma (purpose in this life) and found that my interest in stones was a recurring theme.

I began researching and studying the energies of gemstones and found an array that I was drawn to but had no idea how was I going to turn this interest into something meaningful? That’s when it dawned on me…jewelry! I made jewelry for friends and family as a teenager and had a fair amount of success so I knew that was a launching point.

I now had to locate suppliers in line with my beliefs and convictions. After more research and many phone calls, I was able to find suppliers within the USA as well as others internationally that adhered to fair trade practices ensuring their workers were paid a fair wage and worked reasonable hours while in comfortable working conditions.

Preserving the planet and lending a hand to help heal the Earth has always been very important to me so I knew that using recycled materials whenever possible along with minimal packaging was going to be a must.

But it wasn't enough to just use recycled materials and make beautiful creations from gemstones, I wanted to ensure the stones' energies were used for healing and happiness; not only for the wearer but the giver, too. And why stop there? Why not help others in the process as well? That is where the non-profit beneficiary idea was born and why I decided to donate a portion of the sales to a diverse group of organizations that spread the love, peace and happiness that KarmicKindness hopes to stand for throughout the globe.

With Love & Kindness,

Amalia Colyer

KarmicKindness Creator, Designer, Photographer                                                                                                                    

P.S. I must acknowledge the unparalleled work of Claudia Castillo! She is a creative force to be reckoned with and KarmicKindness wouldn't look as good without her branding assistance. Love the logo? Thank her! She can be found at