The highly anticipated newest addition to the KarmicKindness catalog... LifeLogique: De-Stress for Success online program for Adults and Teens will be available March 2018!

As a wife, business owner and mom of four, I know what it means to be stressed out and overwhelmed. While searching for ways to manage my own stress, I discovered some tools that not only helped me but my kids, too.

I've seen firsthand how stressed and distracted teens are from the tremendous pressure coming from all directions. I've completed coursework on meditation and yoga specifically geared towards teens through YoKid and training to recognize and assist middle and high school kids in distress through the At-Risk Suicide Prevention Training program. 

Additionally, I've completed numerous courses and attended workshops and seminars based on various modalities related to stress reduction, finding your purpose, yoga, healing stone energy, meditation, whole body energy work, and chakra balancing to name a few.

I distilled this knowledge and experience down to simple yet effective stress busting strategies for adults and teens that can help you manage stress when it arises so you are better able to move through it more quickly and effectively.


De-Stress for Success Program (Pre-Registration)

De-Stress for Success Program (Pre-Registration)

$ 79.00$ 19.00

*Please note: The information provided in the D4S program is not to be considered medical or psychological advice and should not be considered as such. Always seek the advice of a physician or qualified health care professional regarding any mental, physical, or emotional conditions and do not discontinue any medications or medical support.