Officiant Services + Relationship Support

Amalia Natalio
- Open to ALL couples -
- Non-Denominational -
I've got your officiating needs covered.
We'll work together to craft a customized ceremony that reflects who you are as a couple which is why I believe it is so important to get to know you personally. This allows me to speak from the heart on your wedding day and all those present will truly feel the love and joy surrounding you on your special day!



The majority of my work with KarmicKindness is with people who are looking to love themselves and ultimately show up in their current or future relationship as the best "me" they can be!

This organically led to working with couples who wish to strengthen their relationships and understand one another better so becoming an officiant seemed like the perfect "marriage"!  [Pun intended. :)]

I see it as a beautiful way to honor the couple being the officiant for their union when they are ready to take the leap to either marry for the first time or renew their vows. It is an honor and joy to be a part of this next chapter in the lives of two people in love. <3


For those who did not know me before their wedding, I also offer Relationship Foundation sessions where we look at the individuals to better understand who they each are and then take a look at them as a couple to better understand how they interact with one another.

This gives the couple a bit of a "leg-up" as they can see where they may trigger each other and/or support each other within the relationship.




Officiant Services:

Wedding & Vow Renewals

Starting at $350 (depending on the location)  

Relationship Foundation Session:

90 Mins - $373


You can reach me at or 561.206.0385.

If you're looking for top notch wedding and/or engagement photography & videography services, I work exclusively with Quality Media! (Bio picture is a sample of their work.)