Karmic Kindness: 
Soulful life workshops

Welcome to a new way of approaching life...
Clarity of Desire + Igniting Your Inner Fire + Intentional Action 

Have you forgotten what lights you up and brings you joy?
Are you searching for the purpose and meaning to your life?
Would you like to make some changes due to a job change, end of a relationship, because it's the start of a new year or just because it's time? 
Have you spent many years putting the needs of others before yourself?
Do you feel like there is more to life than what you see right now? 
Are you looking to make a shift that propels your personal and/or professional life forward in a powerful way?

I am here to help...

and hope you allow me the honor of guiding you to the most Soul fulfilling path utilizing all the Soul guidance techniques that I've used personally and have shared with many others on their journey.


Two workshop options:
 (Group & Individual)

 *Soulful Life: Introductory Workshop
 *Soulful Life: Self-Love Workshop



We'll dip our toes into the pool of YOU taking a look at aspects of your life that have long been forgotten.

We will start by looking at what lights you up from the inside out, what is working in your life and what is NOT working. Once you get clear on what your inner fire needs to be reignited based on what's working (and what isn't), you are better able to gain clarity on making choices that reflect what you'd like more of in your life. After Clarity and Fire comes Action which will bring your dreams into reality! 

There will be some meditating and journaling, some contemplation and reflection, lots of love, kindness, support, a dose of crystal goodness, and of course, fantastic fun and new friendships! 

The workshop will last approximately 3 hours and includes Soulful Life handouts and light refreshments!

The number of participants is kept purposefully small as to allow for connection and friendships to blossom.

A Soulful Life is being offered at a reduced rate of $60 per person for a limited time and in some instances for an even lower price based on love for local businesses that believe in A Soulful Life!



Love of self is something we tend to not have enough of. We give our love to others easily and freely but when it comes to showing ourselves the same kindness, we rarely offer ourselves that gift.

Give yourself a gift of love. Spend an afternoon gaining clarity on what self-love looks like for you. Peel back the layers of what has not been loving or kind in your inner world and take intentional yet simple action to change what isn’t serving your highest expression of you.

Learn what self-love truly means, why we tend to give our love to others instead of ourselves, how self-care is an integral part of self-love and simple ways in which we can shift into loving ourselves fully.

We will talk, listen, share, write, meditate and open our hearts and minds to love like never before.


Alternatively, if you can't wait for a workshop to become available or would rather work with me 1:1, you can book a private session where we can dig a bit deeper and customize the journey to your specific needs and desires. 

I also offer private workshops for groups of friends or family members to grow together while supporting one another in a loving, nurturing way.

If you find that A Soulful Life: Introduction speaks to you, you may also be interested in attending an upcoming Soul Glow Retreat!

Warning :) This is not for the faint of heart. Things will get intense and a little messy but in a good Soul nurturing way. You will be surprised how good it will feel to cle
ar out the emotional clutter in order to see the beauty within!

Amalia Natalio Colyer is a certified Rapid Transformational Therapist as well as a certified Reiki practitioner.
She utilizes her knowledge of stone/crystal energy, Reiki, Ho'oponopono healing, energy/chakra healing, meditation & movement, tarot/oracle cards, astrology and moon cycles along with her intuition to foster connection and forward movement in any areas of life that need a little extra care. She is also a licensed Desire Map and Fire Starter Sessions facilitator.  
As a mom of four, Amalia is well acquainted with the stress epidemic many teens face today and learned stress management strategies to help not only teens but adults, too. She trained with YoKid to learn and share simple yoga and meditation techniques specifically geared towards teens and completed training through the At-Risk Suicide Prevention Training Program to recognize and assist middle and high school kids in distress. This inspired workshops and ultimately a book; De-Stress for Success: Simple Strategies to Stress Less which will be released on Amazon in early 2019.
You can book a private session with Amalia HERE