The Gratitude Project: #gratitude180

Join me on a journey of gratitude and change with The Gratitude Project!

Do you feel like you are stuck in a pattern of negativity, like nothing seems to be going your way?

Life can be a lot like a jar full of sand.

If you fill the jar with negativity, there's no room left for positivity. If you focus on all the things "wrong" in your life then there is no room left for the "right" to enter. This is where the practice of gratitude comes into play. 

Fill up your jar with all the good stuff.

All the stuff that you didn't even realize you had going for you. All the people that love and support you. All the small acts of kindness that you see, hear, or even do yourself. All the aspects of nature that you somehow missed while your jar was full of negativity.

Post photos on Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook with #gratitude180 and tag @KarmicKindness for a chance to win a KarmicKindness Energetic Wearable!

A winner will be selected once a month for the duration of The Gratitude Project. The more you post the greater your chance of feeling the gratitude goodness and the greater your chances of winning an Energetic Wearable from KarmicKindness!

Give and feel gratitude. You will be amazed by the 180 degree shift that will take place in your life. A #gratitude180!