We To Me is the story of disentanglement from my not-anymore-husband.
The journey from "We" as a married couple of 25 years to "Me".
This path was not a straight or easy one. It was one with many turns and quite a few hills to climb. Emotions ranged from pain to joy, promise to grief and sadness to fulfillment.
I learned there are countless ways of re-discovering the spark that lights up my Soul. There is guidance and support available at ALL times if we just know where to look.
I share the methods, strategies and experiences that allowed me to move through one of the most challenging periods of my life to discover a life filled with the joie' de vivre of my soul.
If you're struggling with a decision to stay or go when it comes to your marriage or long term committed relationship particularly if infidelity is part of the story, then We To Me may just be the assistance you've been looking for.
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