CUSTOM CRAFTED Energetic Wearable

$ 50.00
If you are looking for a custom piece for you or someone else based on their or your current needs, I can help you find just the right stones and create an Energetic Wearable that will not only be energetically helpful but beautiful as well.
Here is how it works:
  1. Add the CUSTOM CRAFTED Energetic Wearable to your cart.
  2. Once your order request has been received, I will reach out to you either by email or phone to work through the details and ask you a few questions to help me identify the best stones. You can also leave requests in the Special Instructions section of the checkout page so that when we talk I have some ideas ready for you based on your preferences/needs. (You can also choose a specific Non-Profit Beneficiary for KarmicKindness to donate to on your behalf.)
  3. I will then work on a couple of design options for you to choose from. Based on the materials used for the final design there may be a balance due. If so, I will send you an invoice for the remaining balance. If not, I will get to work on completing your CUSTOM CRAFTED Kindness! 
    Your gorgeous CUSTOM CRAFTED Kindness will arrive wrapped in Kraft paper along with a card describing the bracelet's energy.
    Please Recycle Packaging
    Please be aware that due to the nature of stones there will be some variation in color between the photo and the product received.
    *Not intended for children. External use only.

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