Karmic Coaching

Soulful Life

Karmic Coaching

Soulful Life

Learn the methods to living a Soulful Life...

Understand and accept all parts of yourself

Let go of what's holding you back in life

Make better decisions with more confidence

Know yourself better

Move through challenges with grace and ease

Step into life purpose

Karmic Coaching looks at YOU using Spiritual Sciences:

Soul Contracts (vibrational name analysis) | Astrology | Human Design | Intuitive Guidance

+ Other modalities as needed

Amalia will share guidance and strategies based on your Soul plan, so you can better understand your deep fear (karma) that is keeping you from accessing your innate wisdom and power + harness your talents to move beyond fear to create a life of your dreams.

Healing on a multi-dimensional level.

What's Included:

Foundation Session

This is where we literally lay the foundation for the rest of the Soulful Life™ Program. We look at you through the lens of Soul Contract, Astrology, Human Design and/or Gene Keys using this information to pinpoint the areas of your Karmic life that are keeping in a karmic loop.

Follow-Up Sessions

Each 60 or 90 minute Follow-Up Session is designed to further support your Soul journey so that you can live a truly Soulful Life™. Amalia uses her skills to support whatever challenges are present helping you better understand and navigate them differently. She highlights the talents and beneficial energies that are available to assist you as you move through the challenges with more ease. You are able to see, and live, with a macro vision rather than only a micro one which often leads to conflict and distress.(Number of sessions depends on the program selected.)

In-Between Sessions

'Soulwork' assignments are a big part of the Soulful Life™ program as it has been proven to keep people on track and in the flow of the transformation process. Integration of sessions is key.

Concierge Care

Amalia will check-in with you to ensure you are integrating with ease...and will be available for text/email (within reason) + phone support (20 mins or less).

What Clients are Saying...

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