We To Me

Transitioning focus from

We (Couple) to Me (Self)

A personal note from me to you:

If you are in the throes of a relationship on the rocks or are realizing that you've somehow lost yourself, my heart goes out to you. I have been where you are, and it sucks. BUT it only sucks for a time and like most pain in our lives it is fleeting.

You are a strong and powerful being who has what it takes to transform yourself and your life into all that you dream of and desire. The fact that you are here reading these words right now, shows that you are willing and able to be the instrument of change for yourself and ultimately those around you.

Once you lift yourself up, a natural by-product is the lifting up of those you come into contact with. This may sound like a pie-in-the-sky dream but it’s true. I know, because I experienced it firsthand.  

If you’re willing to open yourself up to the magic that exists, I promise you, life will feel better, and you will look back on this time as a gift. A gift in unusual packaging with a surprising gem inside. A gem that you might not have discovered if life didn’t apply the pressure required to create the diamond that is YOU.  

Who is WeToMe for?

Anyone who has lost themselves in a relationship

Anyone who has given their power away and is ready to reclaim it

Anyone who feels there has to be more to life than what they are currently experiencing

Anyone who has experienced betrayal or infidelity within their committed partnership

Anyone who is struggling to decide whether to stay (or not) in a relationship

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If you are navigating the minefield of a relationship on the rocks and are looking for:

· outside-the-box- strategies of support with a spiritual angle

· practical decision-making processes + tools

· a path back to YOU...then this book was written just for you!


Let me clarify what I mean by a spiritual angle. Being spiritual does not mean religious.

No matter what your belief system or religious affiliations are, the experiences I share in this book relate to the interconnectedness of all living beings in nature, and how we have a support system beyond what we may even realize.

It starts with a willingness to be open to the messages of the Universe & support sorting through all the noise in your head. Allow me and my stories in We To Me to be ally on that journey back to your TRUE self!

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